For the past few months, I have been on a learning spree looking to enhance my existing coding skills and also learn new programming languages and frameworks. In this process, I have watched a countless number of video tutorials and online courses that pertain to programming and, specifically, web development.

In my quest to become a better developer, I’ve come across several awesome “teachers” who aren’t just excellent programmers but awesome educators and have the art of explaining complex and difficult concepts.

Learn Modern Web Programming with the Best Online Teachers

This is an attempt to highlight the best instructors on the Internet for JavaScript, React, Redux, Node.js, Firebase (database and storage), Docker, Google Golang, Typescript, Flutter (for mobile app development), Dart, Git, Webpack and Parcel bundler.

I’ve taken courses by every single instructor mentioned here (PDF) and recommend them highly.

Awesome Web Teachers

Language / Platform Teacher / Course
React.js Andrew Mead, Maximilian Schwarzmüller, Stephen Grider, Ryan Florence, Scott Tolinski, Elijah Manor, Brian Holt, Dave Ceddia, Kirupa Chinnathambi
Advanced JavaScript / ES6 / ES2017 Anthony Alicea, Wes Bos, Mark Zamoyta, Tyler McGinnis,  Mosh Hamedani, Kent C. Dodds, Kyle Simpson, Kyle Robinson Young, Brandon Morelli, Cody Seibert
Redux Dan Abramov, Shaun Pelling, Bucky Roberts, Cory House
Dart & Flutter Mary Xia & Matt Sullivan, Stephen Grider, Maximilian Schwarzmüller, Filip & Emily Fortuna
Docker / Kubernetes Jake Wright, Stephen Grider, James Lee
Webpack / Parcel web bundler Andrew Mead, Lawrence Whiteside, Sean Larkin, Petr Tichy, Brad Traversy, Max Schwarzmüller
Node.js Maximilian Schwarzmüller, Stephen GriderAndrew Mead, Azat Mardan, Anthony Alicea, Samer Buna
Git & Github Trevor Miller, Alex Garret-Smith, Tom Preson-Werner, Daniel Shiffman
Go Language Todd McLeod, Stephen Grider, Derek Banas, Jon Calhoun, Harrison Kinsley
TypeScript Todd Motto, John Lidquist, Basarat Ali Syed, Marius Schulz
Firebase / Firestore David East, Doug Stevenson, Shaun Pelling, Todd Kerpelman, Steve Kinney
Google Chrome Dev Tools Paul Irish, Surma, Umar Hansa, Jon Kuperman
GraphQL Andrew Mead, Stephen Grider

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